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Rocking Horse O-156
A very classic and elegant three dimensional horse. Any daughter or granddaughter cherish this spec..
Rocking Horse O-157
This is one of my favorite rocking horse ornaments made about twenty years ago. Approximately 19 g..
Rocking Horse O-158
A very delicate and sculpted design on both sides of a unique rocking horse to add to your collectio..
Rocking Horse O-159
A child’s small rocking pony with baubles on his mane and tail. Approximately 8 grams...
Rocking Horse O-160
Rocking horse with adorned with drapes, flowers and more. Approximately 39 grams...
Rocking Horse O-161
Our prancing rocking horse stands so proudly. He is happy to be a part of our collection and would ..
Rocking Horse O-162
Teddy bear riding a rocking horse. Approximately 19 grams...
Rocking Horse O-163
Rocking horse with an ornate saddle and bridle. Approximately 16 grams...
Rocking Horse O-165
Rocking horse with a saddle and bridle. Approximately 22 grams...
Rocking Horse O-166
An unadorned rocking horse that compliments our collection. It can even be used as a table accessor..
Rocking Horse O-167
This little pony is aspiring to be a fine rocking horse like so many others in our collection. Can ..
Rocking Horse O-168
Simple, contemporary rocking pony. Approximately 12 grams...
Rocking Horse O-169
This is another one of my favorite rocking horse ornaments made about twenty years ago. It is so sw..
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